Second Chance


Post New Generation

Scott Bernard returns to Earth after almost two years stranded on Mars, determined to find Marlene and gain her forgiveness.

Scott must face his mistakes and confront a powerful enemy to protect his love interest and his friends.

A dramatic turn of events seals the fate of all characters.

Chapter 4

Together, at last.


At the pilots lounge on Mars Base, Alex Bryant was enjoying some relaxing time with a couple of friends. Kelly Dawson sat close by, next to some of her Falcon squadron team mates.

"If anyone knows about Scott Bernard, it must be Lieutenant Commander Bryant. I wonder..." she thought while she observed him.

"I've seen that look before, Dawson. It can only mean trouble," said Robert James, looking at her. She seemed to ignore him.

"I'm going to do some PR with the Lieutenant Commander. See you later," she said with a smirk. James rolled his eyes.

"There she goes again," he thought.


On the occasion of Scott's return, Lancer planed to bring the old team together. Sadly, Lunk and Annie couldn't make it with such short notice. They promised to visit soon however. Fortunately, thanks to Rook's contacts in the transport business, Rand and her managed to get onboard a cargo plane from Trenchtown to New York for a few days.

Reunited with their friends at Lancer's home, Rook and Rand heard about Marlene's and Scott's reconciliation.

"You came to your senses, soldier boy! I can't believe it!" Rand said between sniffs. "Come here you two!" he exclaimed wiping tears from his face. Then he hugged Marlene and Scott very tightly.

"You're smothering them, Rand! Give them some air," said Rook pulling Rand.

"Sorry!" he said letting go of them and calming down.

Scott and Marlene were amused. Suddenly Rook smacked Scott on the head leaving everyone speechless.

"Hey! What was that for?" Scott asked shocked and rubbing his head.

"That mister, is for taking so long!" said Rook grunting and crossing her arms in front of her. Marlene just looked at her wide-eyed. "Don't worry, Marlene, you don't have to thank me," Rook added protectively.

"Give the old soldier a break, will ya Rook? He took long all right, but he came all the way from Mars, you know? That deserves some credit," intervened Rand.

Rook noticed the speechless faces. "Uh, uh... I guess so," said Rook a bit embarrassed. Everyone laughed.

"And don't forget he has never been the fastest at realizing things, especially without me pushing him in the right direction. Right Scott?" Rand added with a goofy grin while he padded Scott on the back. Scott’s mouth twisted. He was about to reply when Lancer cleared his throat and placed his hands on Rand's and Rook's shoulders.

"I'm sure you need some time to set in and recover from your trip. After all, a long day and night of celebration are waiting for us," the rock star said directing the newcomers to their room.


Lancer, Rand and Scott, all dressed up, sat in the living room with bored expressions on their faces.

"I wonder what's taking them so long?" said Scott. Lancer sighed

"Choosing an outfit can't possibly be so difficult," the soldier added.

"Don't be so sure. With the amount of shopping they did this afternoon, it'll take them a while to decide," offered Lancer.

"Tell me about it. Rook was using me as her shopping cart. She had more than 20 bags," put in Rand

"Marlene's weren't much less than that," said Scott.

"Women, you gotta love them," mumbled Rand looking at his friends.


Inside Marlene's room, the three women were getting ready. Shopping bags carpeted the floor. Rook, wearing a baby blue strapless dress, sat by the mirror doing her makeup while Marlene and Sera finished dressing up.

Marlene approached and looked at herself in the mirror.

Rook turned to see her. "So you like it?" she asked.

"It is nice, but isn't it a bit uncovered?" Marlene asked shyly, looking at how much cleavage the low cut dress that Rook chose for her exposed.

"Yeah, that is the idea, Marlene. Wait that Scott sees you," Rook replied with a grin.

"How do I look," asked Sera just finishing to dress up as well. Marlene and Rook turned towards her.

"That is a great outfit, Sera. Lancer will be impressed," Rook said.

Marlene just looked in astonishment at the fiery-red tight-fitting dress Sera wore. "It certainly matches your eyes, sister," she managed to say. Sera took it as a compliment and joined Marlene and Rook by the mirror.

"Wow, this is great!" exclaimed Rook looking at her creation. "I can't wait to see the guys' faces. I don't know what you alien chicks would do without me," she said jokingly. Marlene and Sera traded unsure looks.

When the ladies finally came out, they were pleasantly greeted by the distinct jaw-dropping reaction of their partners. They smiled satisfied.

"So, are you guys ready?" asked Rook mischievously.


After dining together, the friends went dancing to finish off the celebration.

"I know the perfect place. Leave everything in my hands," said Lancer.

The limo arrived outside a club. A crowd waited in line for a chance to get in.

"Are they giving away protoculture inside that place?" asked Scott looking at the long waiting line.

"That, or all the other places really suck," said Rook.

"Maybe we should go somewhere less busy," said Marlene looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Don't worry this place will be just fine," said Lancer.

The friends got out of the car causing the curious crowd to look on. Some recognized Lancer and started calling his name. He politely waved back at them and walked to the entrance hurriedly. His group of friends was quickly let inside. The fans pushed trying to get in after them, but corpulent bouncers fend them off.

"Oh Lancer, I need an autograph!" said Rook grinning. "Anything for you, Rook" he winked.

Lancer and Sera decided to go dancing right away. Rand and Marlene started talking. Scott took the opportunity to approach Rook. She was leaning against the bar.

"Rook, that was a pretty hard hit, you know..." he started saying.

"I am sorry, Scott, but you deserved it." She interrupted him. "I am just worried for Marlene," she added.

"Yes I guess I deserved it," he replied. "But I assure you, Rook, I don't want to hurt her."

"Honestly?" she asked inquisitively.

"Yeap," he replied plainly. She stared at him with scrutinizing eyes for a while. She saw his determination.

"Truce then, soldier," she said finally smiling. They shook each other's hands.

The rest of the night was spent dancing and talking. Scott got mildly upset from time to time when other men stared at Marlene. He had enough at one point, so to make it clear that she was with him, he kissed her neck lightly.

"You look beautiful, Marlene," he said as they danced.

"Thank you," she replied with a big smile. Being in love with her made him feel light, dizzy, alive in a sense; like he never thought he would feel again. His lips were drawn to hers. He kissed Marlene passionately and she responded.

The music got louder in the club and everybody seemed to start dancing to the energetic beat. Someone in the packed dance floor accidentally bumped into Marlene. Scott hugged her protectively.

"This place is too full," he said, "let's get out of here." Marlene nodded in agreement.

"Should we tell the rest that we are leaving?" she asked.

"Nah..." answered Scott playfully. He took her hand in his and started working their way out of the club.

Oblivious to Marlene's and Scott's departure, Sera, Lancer, Rook and Rand kept dancing to the music.

Once outside the club, Marlene wrapped her arms around Scott’s neck lovingly. "You shouldn't be leaving your friends hanging like that," she said pretending to scold him.

"You are as guilty as I am," he replied hugging her back.


When Scott and Marlene reached Lancer's apartment, they were laughing. He looked at her; she was beautiful and the dress she wore only accentuated her perfection. He pulled her close to him and smelled her perfume. Marlene placed her hands on his chest and started exploring him through his clothes. Her hands sent warm waves all over him. He started caressing her cheek gently and then traced the delicate curve of her neck with his hands. He descended slowly to explore her back. She felt her body weakening. She timidly slipped her hands under his top while her lips played on his neck. Her touch drove him crazy. He wondered how was it that she had such power over him.

The gentle touching turned passionate. Marlene trembled lightly in his arms. His hands continued exploring the rest of her body. He remembered how many times he had wanted to touch her like that before. She felt a warm sensation surrounding her. He searched her exposed back sliding his hand from her waist all the way to the strap of her dress behind her neck. He untied the knot. The dress slipped down and revealed her delicate body. He pulled her against him and covered her lips with his mouth. They could not hold back any longer.


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