Second Chance


Post New Generation

Scott Bernard returns to Earth after almost two years stranded on Mars, determined to find Marlene and gain her forgiveness.

Scott must face his mistakes and confront a powerful enemy to protect his love interest and his friends.

A dramatic turn of events seals the fate of all characters.

Chapter 3

New to human emotions, Marlene has a hard time dealing with Scott's return.


"But you told me just to watch it, Lancer, not to turn it off if smoke came out of it. How was I supposed to know that humans don't eat burnt turkey?" said Sera embarrassed.

"You were absolutely right princess," laughed Lancer.

"Dinner was delicious, Sera," said Scott.

"I am glad you liked it," replied Sera proudly. "I took several cooking classes after the turkey incident." Some faint chuckles could be heard in the background, Sera just ignored them. "Marlene's learning too," she added.

"You are far more talented than I am, sister," said Marlene.

"Don't be shy, you sure can make delicious deserts, Marlene," commented Sera.

"I would love to taste some," declared Scott smiling.

"That is surprising," said Lancer, "I would have never suspected you of having a sweet tooth!" Scott shrugged.

After cleaning up, the friends chatted about Earth politics, the latest gossip in the celebrity world, Lancer's upcoming concert, Belmont records, Scott's new assignment, Marlene's nursing and so on. Wine and laughs were shared while reminiscing about the old days and remembering the team, especially Annie. That was until Sera started falling asleep on Lancer's shoulder.

"I'm afraid we are boring my wife with our adventures," said Lancer amused as Sera half woke up.

"Oh, poor Sera," said Marlene.

"Sorry, everyone," apologized a very sleepy Sera.

"You two should go rest," said Marlene to the couple. Lancer nodded looking at Sera and started helping her to their bedroom. "Oh, Marlene, could you please show Scott to his room?"

"No problem, Lancer. Goodnight," replied Marlene.

"Thanks, and goodnight Marlene. See you tomorrow Scott," said Lancer.

"Yeah, ...morrow, guys," said Sera yawning.

"Goodnight to you both and thanks again for everything," said Scott.

"You are welcome, anytime," said Lancer.

Scott and Marlene stood in the living room for a short time while Lancer and Sera closed their bedroom door. They looked at each other not knowing what to say.

"I better show you to your room," Marlene broke the silence. "Follow me," she added.

Scott grabbed his bag and started following her. Marlene entered a room and turned on the light. He noticed his room was not far from hers; just opposite, a couple of steps away. As he passed her open door, he couldn't help glancing inside her room. He couldn't see much.

"Scott?" said Marlene peeking through the door of his room.

"I'm coming," he replied, rapidly averting his eyes from her door.

His room was of medium size. It had a desk, a couch, a closet and a mirror. There were some musical instruments stashed on one side and several laminated concert posters on the other.

"Sorry it's a bit small," said Marlene.

"You should have seen Mars Base quarters. This is huge," said Scott smiling. Marlene smiled back.

"The couch unfolds into a bed," she informed Scott. "I better get you some blankets," she said noticing there wasn't any. She went away.

He set his bag down and looked around. He was glad her room was close. He approached the couch and managed to unfold it. Marlene returned with some blankets and gave them to him.

"I hope they keep you warm. It gets cold sometimes," she mentioned shyly.

"Thank you, Marlene."

"I bet you are very tired, you probably had a long trip, I better go." She started turning toward the door.

"Marlene, wait, I...I...need to talk to you," he said, putting the blankets down. She nodded. He took her hand gently and brought her to sit on the bed. He looked at her and then he looked down.

"What is it Scott?" asked Marlene nervously.

Scott sighed. "I don't know where to start." He took a deep breath.

"It has been a long time since that day at Reflex Point," he started.

Marlene closed her eyes; the memories of Scott's actions and his departure were still painful. That day she had told to him that she loved him only to hear him say he could only fight the Invid. How much hate lived in his heart!

"I feared I would never see you again. I was stationed on Mars with no way out, until yesterday," he continued. "I managed to stay in touch with Lancer who kept me more or less up to date on how everyone was. But he always wrote little about you and never mentioned you were so close." He looked down again. "After the way I hurt you, Marlene, I can't blame him." She looked at him with big eyes not knowing what to say. "I came to Earth to destroy your kind. I was full of anger and thirsty for revenge. I was blind not to realize how life was giving me back what the Invid took from me in one of their own," said Scott. His eyes were shut and there was pain in his voice. Marlene was shaken.

"Do you still hate my kind?" she asked with her eyes crammed of tears.

"I'm so sorry I took so long. I've been so stupid," he said

"Scott, it's okay, you are here now." Tears started rolling gently down her cheeks.

He put his hands on her arms and hesitated to continue. He found the words. "I faced it a long time ago; woman or Invid, I'm in love with you. I can't hate you or your kind," he said resolute. Marlene cried quietly. "Please don't cry, Marlene. I can't, I don't want to hurt you," he said desperately.

Scott hugged her tenderly. She couldn’t find her voice or process all that she was feeling. Her tears flowed freely when she broke the embrace.

"I'm sorry Scott, I'm afraid... I just… I need some time, this is too much for me," she said whimpering. Scott's heart was broken into pieces.

"I understand," he declared with his eyes closed and started letting her go. Tears were forming in his eyes as his heart ached. While his hands descended down her arms, he looked at her. "Is it possible for you to ever forgive me?" he inquired.

She backed away gently and walked to the door still shaken and confused. Just as she crossed the frame she stopped. "Yes," she said and disappeared.


Marlene had just changed into her pajamas. She lay down onto her bed. Her head was spinning. "What is happening to me?" she wondered. Wasn't it being in Scott's arms, him telling her that he loved her, all that she wanted? "I should be so happy now," she thought, not understanding her emotions. "I don't know if I want to cry or laugh or run to him or run away," she said quietly. "I better sleep over it, Lancer says that helps." She went under the blankets and turned hopelessly in her bed. "There is no use, I can't sleep right now," she thought.

Scott couldn't sleep either. He lay on his bed, one hand behind his head and the other holding the picture of him and Marlene. She hadn't completely rejected him, but she hadn't forgiven him either, not yet. "I need time," she had said. At least she gave him some hope. "What did you expect, Bernard, you idiot! You broke her heart!" he told himself. He waited so long to see her again and had one shot at making her forgive him. He left everything behind knowing the risk. He said to her that he understood, but somehow her rejection was more painful than he could have predicted. He put the picture down on the bed feeling totally depressed. "If only I hadn't behaved like such a jerk. "Couldn't I just enjoy the happiness that life was giving me! Damn it!" he thought and got off the bed. "I need something to drink."

When he stepped into the dark hallway, Scott noticed that Marlene's door was open and that some light was coming from the kitchen. He went towards it.

He found Marlene snaking on some creamy cake. Her body was half into the fridge. She seemed to be enjoying it very much as she hadn't bothered taking a piece onto a plate and out of the fridge. The sight of her cheeks covered in cream made Scott forget everything. He chuckled softly. Marlene was startled and looked at him.

"Scott! You scared me! What are you doing here at this hour?"

"Sorry Marlene, I am just a little thirsty," he said amused.

"Oh," she let out as he came closer to her.

He peaked into the open fridge, noticed the eaten cake and smiled at Marlene. She looked away guiltily.

"I wonder what there is to drink?" he asked looking into the fridge again. He found a can of lemonade. "This seems good," he said then opened the can and started drinking from it.

Marlene noticed he was shirtless. His skin was smooth and his muscles looked all well formed. "Just like the 3D models for anatomy class," she thought and then blushed.

Scott looked at her. "That cake looks good too!"

"What?" said Marlene surprised as he gently took off some cream from her cheek and ate it.

"Pretty good!" he said. Marlene blushed deeper. "I feel hungry all of a sudden," he added. "I saw some cake is left, do you mind sharing?" he asked softly. She smiled.

"I will get some for you Scott," she answered.


Marlene and Scott were eating pieces of cake leaning on the kitchen counter. Scott got some cream on his nose and Marlene laughed at him.

"Hey don't laugh at me! You still have cake all over your cheeks," he said playfully.

"No, I don't, I wiped it all off," she replied. He leaned towards her and placed a creamy kiss on her cheek.

"Now you do," he said laughing. She was surprised by Scott's kiss but decided to play along.

"So you want war!" she menaced.

"Are you going to cause trouble?" he said pretending to be serious.

"It depends on what you call trouble," she said and came closer to him. She placed her lips very close to his. He could feel her sweet scent and was dazed. She took advantage and spread a big smudge of cake cream on his face.

"Hey, that's cheating," he said surprised when she ran off.

"You will pay for this!" he added grinning and chased after her into the living room armed with cake cream. He got her and smudged the cream on her cheek. She tried to free herself, but she couldn't, so she fought back by rubbing her face against his.

"So you use dirty tactics?" he asked bewildered.

"As dirty as necessary," she replied.

The living room was dark and Scott stumbled and fell, taking her with him. They laughed laying next to each other on the floor.

"Oops," said Scott," we better be quiet or we will wake up Sera and Lancer." They looked at each other and laughed again quietly.

Marlene turned to Scott. The sight of him smiling widely, covered in cream made her heart beat faster.

"You finished it!" she said softly, looking at him intensely.

"What?" answered Scott out of breath.

"The cake, silly! I will have to eat it from your face." She leaned towards him and liked a bit of the cream on his cheek.

"Marlene, I... I think..." stuttered Scott overwhelmed but Marlene put her hand on his face turning it just enough to put her lips over his. He was caught totally off guard but responded hugging her tightly and kissing her deeply.

Scott understood what Lancer told him about Marlene. She had changed.

"Does this mean I get a second chance?" he asked caressing Marlene's hair. Her head was on his chest as they enjoyed the cityscape view from Lancer's living room.

"Yes," she answered.

"I love you Marlene," he whispered. She smiled.


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