Lisa Enters The Miss Macross Contest


Macross Saga AU

Thanks to the machinations of the terrible trio, Commander Lisa Hayes ends up participating in the Miss Macross beauty pageant.

Struggling with her inner insecurities, Lisa steps up to face the challenge.

The humorous background sets the stage for newly-promoted Lieutenant Rick Hunter to see his superior officer in a different light.

Chapter 2

That sourpuss?


Rick entered his quarters, he let himself fall like a sack on the couch. The Zentraedi had been at it again and frankly they almost won this time. He was exhausted.

He had been in tight situations before, like a few days ago when that Zentraedi officer's red battlepod had him cornered. Fear glued him on the spot, he could only wait for the final blow. But then, inexplicably, all enemy pods retreated. So there he was, alive, and couldn't believe his luck.

He was a Lieutenant, he had Ben and Max to look after. As if keeping himself out of trouble wasn't hard enough. And on top of that, he had to endure that woman! - Lisa Hayes - yelling at him over the Tac Net at any damn little thing. "Give me a break! She complains comfortably sitting on the bridge while I am out there risking my life. What nerve she has!" He rubbed his face with his had. "Enough of those thoughts, Hunter."

"Minmei... I wonder how she is. I haven't seen her since her birthday." He dialed her number. She picked up.

"Hi Minmei," he said.

"Hi Rick," she replied in her usual giggly tone.

"I needed to talk to you. Would you like to go out?"

"Well, this is a really busy night at the restaurant, Rick."

"Maybe we can see each other tomorrow, then? Catch a movie or something?"

"Hmm, let me see... Sorry, Rick, I can't. I made an appointment at the beauty salon. I am having a beauty treatment. I am preparing for the Miss Macross contest you know?

"Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that."

"I am so excited, Rick. This is my dream come true. Isn't it wonderful? I have to go now. Talk to you later," she hung up.

"I wish you hadn't entered that," Rick mumbled to himself, then he headed out to meet Roy.


Lisa was drinking some coffee with Claudia at the officer's lounge when Roy spotted them.

"Commander Grant, working late again?" he whispered into Claudia's ear.

"Hi flyboy," answered Claudia. Roy took her hand and kissed it. She smiled at him lovingly.

He turned towards Lisa and grinned mischievously. "Oh lord, if it isn't Lisa Hayes, the latest Miss Macross hopeful!" he teased her.

Lisa glares at him. "Hi Roy," she mumbled.

"Don't tease her Roy," said Claudia.

"And miss this unique opportunity! Sorry m'lady, can't do that."

"You better watch it, Fokker," warned Lisa.

Roy smiled calling the bluff. He was having fun. "You know, Commander, you are going to cause quite a stir when you walk that stage wearing that purple bikini you bought."

Lisa blushed furiously. "First off, that is not my bikini. And second, how do you know about it?"

"Sammie showed us." He grinned.

"Sammie! I am going to kill her! Wait a minute... US? Who is us?"

"Well, just me and a couple of the boys. Ben, Max, Rick..."

Lisa turned all shades of red and for a minute, even green. She was completely embarrassed. "I have to leave now," she said abruptly.

"Wait Commander," said Roy

"What is it?" replied Lisa.

"May I have your autograph," he added with the most innocent look that he was capable of faking.

"Roy!" Claudia scolded him.

Lisa stormed out fuming.


"That sourpuss in the Miss Macross contest! Unbelievable!" thought Rick Hunter while walking down a hall. "She doesn't have a chance, not against Minmei anyway."

Soldiers came and went. Suddenly, Rick spotted Lisa exiting the officer's lounge. She walked hurriedly apparently oblivious to the world around her. She disappeared into another hallway. Rick noticed a group of soldiers were looking at her, he also caught on their loud conversation.

"Talking about the devil. Did you hear, guys? Commander Lisa-Hot-Hayes is entering the beauty pageant."

"The knockout from the control room?" said one.

"I am not missing that swimsuit competition!" said another grinning.

Rick couldn't hear anymore as the group kept walking in the opposite direction.

"Am I missing something here? Hayes? Hot? - Fussy old lady is more like her!" Rick wondered shocked, yet a little piece of him questioned if he owed Lisa Hayes a closer look.

"Calling Lieutenant Rick Hunter, calling Lieutenant Rick Hunter," repeated incessantly a phone machine.

"Over here," he yelled at it. He took the call.

"Hi Rick"

"Hi Minmei,"

"I was thinking... if you pick me up at the beauty salon tomorrow, we could see each other then. Could you come, Rick?"


"Hi, I have an appointment for a beauty treatment," Lisa told the receptionist at the beauty salon.

"Under what name?"

"Lisa Hayes,"

"Yes miss Hayes. Have a seat please, we will be with you in a minute."

She sat down in the waiting room. The trio had raved non-stop about this place; they even got Lisa this appointment. "Oh, well, with the beauty pageant closing in, it can't hurt," Lisa thought. She was browsing through the pages of Macross Fashion Weekly when her name was called.

"Ready, Miss Hayes?" Lisa nodded affirmatively.

She followed the beautician to the treatment area. As she turned around the corner, Minmei stepped into the reception area.

"Hi, I am Minmei. I have an appointment," she told the receptionist.


Submerged up to the neck into a warm and exotically fragrant bath, Lisa relaxed. "Hmm... this might be worth it after all," she thought. She could stay there forever, but more beauty routines awaited her, so she came out.

Then, she was taken to the massage area. All her muscles relaxed under the expert hands of the masseuse. Facial masks, exfoliation and deep moisturizing followed. Manicure and pedicure were next. After that, she was ready for the last step.

An expert beautician examined her facial complexion and worked on her makeup and hair. She chose a gamma of pink and purple eye shadows which accentuated Lisa's emerald eyes. She applied mascara to her long lashes and drew a fine black line on top. Pink tones of rouge and matching lipstick shades were used carefully to achieve a natural look. Finally, a simple straightening of her shiny long hair did the last trick.

When all was done, Lisa felt like a goddess.


Rick arrived to pick-up Minmei. He was walking around impatiently and catched the attention of the receptionist.

"Can I help you, sir?"

"No, thanks. I am just waiting for someone. She had some sort of beauty treatment today."

"It figures," she replied smiling. She looked at the clock. "It wont be long now, sir"

Rick looked embarrassed and moved away from the desk.

Lisa walked out of the treatment area.

"Was everything all right, miss Hayes," asked the receptionist.

"Hayes?? wondered Rick surprised when he heard the woman talking.

"Yes, it was wonderful. Thanks," replied Lisa smiling.

"Our pleasure. I think someone is waiting for you," said the receptionist pointing in Rick's direction.

"Really?" Lisa asked intrigued. She turned to face Rick Hunter. Her radiant smile vanished.

"You?" she let out in disbelief.

Rick stood there admiringly, speechless. There was something different about her.

"Hunter, what are you doing here?"

"Commander Hayes... I... I... " he babbled. Those were the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen.


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Posted on: 2004-05-10

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