Invid Lullaby


Post New Generation

While Rook and Rand finally take the next step in their relationship, Scott and Marlene must face the challenges of becoming parents.

Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes Hunter and Dr. Emil Lang must deal with a critical situation in which scientific interest and xenophobic feelings endanger the life of the half human, half invid baby.

Chapter 16


"Thank you, doctor," said Marlene holding her baby boy. Mother and child had both been declared healthy and free to go.

"You are velcome, Marlene," Lang replied. She wrapped her child in a soft blanket, preparing him for their departure. "Marlene, I vant to tell you that I'm sorry for vhat happened," he said. "Scott still vont talk to me, but I hope you kan believe I never vanted you or your baby to be harmed."

"I always knew you meant well, doctor," she told him. Although she couldn't read human minds at will -not even Scott's, the Invid had learned to perceive human emotions. Lang was sincere. Looking deep into the old man's pained eyes she told him: "Scott knows that you have taken good care of us," she hugged the baby tighter, "I'm sure he's grateful for that, and I am too."

Lang's eyes softened with hope.

Looking at the perfect little boy that she had, Marlene's mind remembered her sister. Sera had risked a lot to help them.

"My sister told me that she talked to you, doctor."

"Yes, Sera talked to me about her desire to conceive."

"She told me that you are going to help her," added the mother while she set the baby into his carriage. "Will it be possible for her, doctor? It happened for Scott and me, I mean, it could happen again... "

"I am not sure at de moment, Marlene. De Regiss made Sera different from you. She added certain things into your sister's genetik kode that aren't in yours, a failsafe of sorts. Reproduktion vith humans vasn't on her mind."

Marlene looked at her baby and felt sad for her sister and Lancer.

"But, I also think there are vays around it. Given some time, I believe Sera vill be able to give your child a little kousin."

"That would be wonderful, doctor!" she said beaming at the thought. She had sensed how much Sera wanted to become a mother. Their babies would grow and play together; they would have so much in common. Soon after, however, her expression changed. She remembered the being that had accompanied her son, its inexplicable appearance and terrible demise. Would it all happen again when Sera got pregnant?

"Vhat eez it Marlene?" asked Lang, noticing something was bothering the young mother.

"It is just..." she wished she hadn't thought of it, "we never talked about that other being that was with my baby, doctor."

"Yes, many questions remain about that. Ve found out that your earlier skans had been altered."

"Altered, how?"

"Theez being or shell vas present earlier during your pregnancy than vhat ve vere led to believe. De results were adjusted to hide its presence from us. Ve kould have known much more about it. Sadly, it completely disintegrated during de explosion." The doctor could tell dark thoughts were haunting the mother. "Don't worry, Marlene," he comforted. "I still think that it vas just a defense mechanism, triggered by de baby himself vhen he sensed danger. Your baby eez a vonderful und unique being; as he grows, ve vill learn more about his abilities."

"What about what happened down there, doctor Lang?"

"Are you vorried about de explosion?"

"Uh... and other things..."

"You und your sister are the only ones who know vhat really happened," he paused, sensing her nervousness. "Ve kan't forget that an illegal facility eez never checked for safety regulations kompliance. Most likely, it ran vith substandard equipment, und unqualified technicians even. An accident due to mishandling vas bound to occur. Fortunately, your baby vas able to shield himself using his Invid genetiks, just like you und your sister did," he looked at her meaningfully. "That ezz vhat my report vill say."

"Marlene," a nurse came into the room, "Captain Bernard is here to pick you and the baby up," she announced.

"Thank you, we'll be right out," answered the mother.

"You don't need to vorry any further about it, Marlene," the doctor assured.

She nodded, grateful. "All what matters is that my baby is healthy and safe."

"Yes. Let's keep it that vay. Don't forget to book your next check-up appointment before you leave," he reminded.

She walked to the door. "I will. Thank you, doctor Lang," she said, meaning it. Before crossing the frame she told the old scientist: "Scott will come around, just give him some time."


"... they agreed," was saying admiral Hayes Hunter to her husband. Shrouded in a silky robe, she walked toward the jacuzzi inside their suite at Club Med New Praxis. "The details have to be ironed out but in principle, Sera and Marlene would become consultants to the Alliance's ambassador to the Invid." Rick listened while busying himself trying to find champagne glasses in the kitchenette. After feeling the temperature was right with her little toe, Lisa disrobed herself and entered the warm water. "I'm glad the Council didn't oppose, diplomatic roles will grant the sisters protection."

"I'm not surprised at the Council's response. After Lraon's homicidal scheme was exposed and leaked to the press, any delegate who opposed would had been committing political suicide," he added.

"Indeed. Public opinion has sided with the parents. Scott, Marlene and their baby are safe on the moon. Hopefully one day the same will be true on Earth."

"I hope so too." said Rick while serving chilled Tirollian champagne in the long glasses that he had just found. "Having the sister's on our side has another advantage: it will increase our chances of eventually negotiating a treaty with their mom," he added.

She laughed. "Maternal is the last thing the Invid Regiss strikes me to be like."

He laughed as well.

"But enough about politics, my dear Lisa. This," he said bringing a glass of golden liquor to his wife, "is what we both need." He came to sit by her side and enjoy the the soothing jacuzzi.

"I agree with you, Rick. You know, this undisclosed location for an official meeting idea of yours was one of your best," she said.

"You don't give me the credit I deserve, sweetheart," he said faking offense. "What about the champagne and the butler?"

"You are right, dear," replied Lisa, savoring the golden liquid and remembering the robotic massage she had treated herself to just earlier. "You are absolutely brilliant, and..." she looked at him mischievously, "absolutely sexy."

So, Tirollian champagne is an aphrodisiac after all, he thought. "I like where this official meeting is headed, admiral Hayes Hunter."


Marlene cradled the baby while softly humming a lullaby for him. Peeking over her shoulder and holding them both, Scott looked at his little one. Once asleep, the parents gently put the baby into his crib.

"At last, my baby, you are safe," whispered Marlene.

"Do you think he's having sweet dreams?" asked Scott.

"I know he is," she replied smiling and helped the father to take a little glimpse. He smiled too, perceiving the baby's thoughts. What wouldn't he give to be able to communicate with his son at all times, in the way his mother could.

"What are we going to call him?" he inquired.

"Caden," she said, her eyes never leaving the child, "after the fighter in him."

He leaned down to kiss his little forehead. "Caden," he repeated liking the sound of it.

Scott held Marlene's hand as they left the baby's room. Bigger quarters -relatively speaking- had been assigned to Marlene and Scott. Standing in the quiet space that served as kitchen and dining room, Scott wrapped his arms around Marlene's waist, she rested her head on his chest.

"Marlene," he said nervously, "Rook, Rand, Annie and Lunk are coming to visit us next Saturday."

"That's great! I've missed them and I can't wait to show them Caden," she replied, excited by the good news.

"Lancer and Sera are coming too."

"We are going to have a celebration, then." she smiled widely. "But you seem... hmm... nervous about it?" she said noticing he only had smiled faintly.

"Uh... well, a little, I guess."

"Why, Scott? They are our closest friends."

He sighed. "Yes they are, and I'm happy to see them... But it's not everyday that one gets married," he said trying to keep his voice steady. She was speechless. "That is of course, if you agree to marry me," he took out a tiny velvet box; inside, a ring for her. "I know it is kind of short notice but..."

Her lips quieted his.


For most of the night, baby Caden dreamed, calmly and colorfully, like his parents had witnessed. Little by little, his unconscious movements had made his soft blanket slip down. He started feeling cold and woke up to a dark room. On top of him, a mobile spun softly. His eyes, not completely developed yet, couldn't distinguish the toy-like shapes. To him, they resembled blurry tentacles. Memories flowed into his little mind: shiny and cold metallic arms, menacing him. He got scared, and before he knew it, a bright beam shot from his eyes. Above his crib a lonely and fuming cable hung.

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