Second Chance


Post New Generation

Scott Bernard returns to Earth after almost two years stranded on Mars, determined to find Marlene and gain her forgiveness.

Scott must face his mistakes and confront a powerful enemy to protect his love interest and his friends.

A dramatic turn of events seals the fate of all characters.

Chapter 6

Greetings from Mars
Kelly Dawson approaches


Scott hadn't expected it. Kelly caught him off guard at Mars Base. She planted a kiss on his mouth just a few hours before he left for Earth. He wanted to talk to her then - not that he knew what to say - but there hadn't been any time. She was there now, a few steps away from him, walking towards the briefing room at New Liberty base.

Originally, she came as part of Alex Bryant’s training support group. But due to the situation at New Liberty, Alex, her and Robert James got added in the mix for a new crisis-handling unit.

It happened too fast. After the discovery of the humanoid Invid at the city's hospital, public unrest was exacerbated. Soon after the event, the military established a no-comment policy, which only fuelled the rumor mill. People were paranoid across the city. The authorities' offices were swamped with reports about humanoid Invid, most of them imaginary. However, several Invid had indeed been identified and located, worsening the situation. Most were lynched before the military could take them into custody. Their presence was undeniable now. Weston was facing a crisis and had to act promptly.

In the briefing room, Kelly Dawson sat just far enough to have a clear view of Scott. He didn't know if she did that intently, but he was bent on avoiding eye contact with her. However, he noticed her glancing in his direction frequently and she caught him looking at her more than once.

She had an athletic figure. Strands of black hair framed her pale flawless face. Some thought her big blue eyes made her look fragile, almost defenseless; but she was far from that. An expert, yet slightly undisciplined soldier, she was among the best in the Falcon squadron. Scott had noticed her on Mars, but he never tried to approach her. It was no secret that he was quite shy with women. And, fraternizing with her was out of the question. She was under his command then and most important, his thoughts already belonged to one woman. “Marlene…” he thought and felt a chill, dreading the notion of her origins being exposed.

He tried hard to stay focused on the briefing at hand.


Marlene stood in New Liberty hospital's reception area. She was about to start at her first "official" job. That was important to her. Also from then on, she was going to see much more of Scott. She had to be happy. She was, but somehow she felt uneasy. Fear and gloominess invaded her ever since she witnessed the Invid's death at the city's hospital.

Things were not good for her race. As the Invid situation in the city deteriorated, Marlene noticed how Lancer was growing worried for Sera. But for now, her sister was safe and the best option for her was New Liberty hospital. Suspicion was unlikely to reach Marlene there.

"Welcome to New Liberty Hospital," the head nurse said to Marlene offering her hand. She presented herself as Laura and gave Marlene a tour of her new work area.

The young nurse spent her morning familiarizing with the procedures, equipment and staff she was to work with. In other times, the novelty of it all would have fascinated her. Currently, her worries did not let her completely enjoy anything. She couldn't forget the plea for help the Invid girl had made days earlier. She didn't know anything about her whereabouts.

Close to her shift's end, Marlene found herself anxious to meet Scott. She was always eager to see him, but this time there was an additional reason. He had offered his help locating the missing girl and was going to tell her what he had found out, when they met.


General Weston was extremely displeased with the Invid situation. Since the incident at the hospital was broadcast on a public network, things spun out of control. "We are to act swiftly and discreetly on this matter," he told Scott Bernard and Alex Bryant privately after the general briefing. "The less the public knows about our handling of the Invid prisoners, the better. Their status is top secret from now on," the General announced. "Any information the Invid have must be extracted by any means."

"They are not military treats, if I may say so, General." declared Scott. The General frowned.

"You speak as if you wanted to protect those creatures," Weston replied. Scott stayed silent. "Don't let yourself be fooled by their human facade. They, Captain, are our enemy. They could be massing out anywhere preparing for an attack," he added sourly.

Captain Bernard had seen one of the prisoners and her fragility rattled him. She reminded him a lot of the Marlene. She was not a creature. His fists clenched at the thought of someone treating the woman he loved as one. And, there was no proof the Invid were planning to attack. Marlene would have felt it. They were connected to each other, after all.

"We are obliged to provide them at least with medical attention," Scott said trying to appeal to Weston's compassion, but the General was unmoved.

Alex Bryant noticed the tension. "Sir, there are humanitarian rules the RDF has to abide to. The Council could accuse this base of mistreatment of prisoners," he said to backup Scott.

The General turned away from the men. "Beware of pissing off the almighty Council!" he thought with sarcasm. But he knew his subordinates were right. He had to give in. "Bernard, ensure that the prisoners get appropriate medical attention. But under no circumstances are those creatures to be released or transferred from the high security area. Am I clear?" he added angrily.

"Yes sir," answered Scott.

"You have your orders," the General grunted dismissing both men.


"She is here?" asked Marlene shocked while her and Scott walked to the base's cafeteria.

"Shhh," he told her covering his mouth with one finger while he checked no one was close enough to hear them. "It is classified information, Marlene. I think she is among them, " he added whispering.

"Sorry, Scott, I understand," she replied softly.

Scott told Marlene what he knew about the Invid prisoners at the moment. She was eager to know more and begged to see the captives. It was not going to be an easy task, considering they were kept incommunicado in the high security area. But, after all, Weston had ordered him to get the prisoners medical attention. Who could be better for that job than Marlene?. She was more than happy with the idea. Now, they only had to find a reason for her to go instead of a more experienced nurse.

Later, seated at the table, she told him about her day and her new work. He was mesmerized watching her liveliness. He would not allow anything to happen to her.


Kelly Dawson and Robert James walked together. Lieutenant Commander Bryant had given them the rest of the afternoon off. Kelly was particularly glad of that fact. Her encounter with Captain Bernard in the morning had been stressful for her, but more for him, she knew. She smiled, knowing he was within her reach, finally.

Dawson and James were chatting casually when they reached their destination. "I am telling you, Lieutenant James. You are going to like this place," Kelly was saying playfully when the doors of the cafeteria sled open for them. They had just been handed their respective promotions.

"I am not sure, Lieutenant Dawson," he said playing along and then got distracted with the sight of several military nurses. "This job sure has its perks, I must admit. But this new unit and the Invid crisis... that I don't like at all," he added as him and Kelly picked a table next to a window.

"Relax, James." She said dismissingly.

The newly promoted officers ordered some drinks and got them pretty fast. Robert had a clear view of the people inside the room. He suddenly spotted Captain Bernard and a beautiful nurse accompanying him.

"Oh my," he let out. "But look who's here!" he said. Kelly was intrigued and turned around to see whom James was talking about. She almost fell from her chair when she saw Bernard with the nurse. Her eyes got instantly glued on the couple. After a few seconds, the initial surprise subsided and her expression relaxed. Finally, she turned back to face James.

"Sorry, Cinderella. Seems that prince Charming is already taken," James said. He regretted having said that. Although Kelly was tough, he saw the pain in her eyes. He realized his remark was cruel. "I… I am sorry," he apologized. "Let's get out of here."

Kelly took her glass and poured its contents into her mouth in one shot.

"Jeez, Dawson. Take it easy," let out James. She wasn't listening.

Scott liked her, of that Kelly was certain. She had noticed it in the way he looked at her. If the nurse was something to him or not, she didn't care. She didn't even want to know. Kelly had made her mind; she had to make her move.


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