Lisa Enters The Miss Macross Contest


Macross Saga AU

Thanks to the machinations of the terrible trio, Commander Lisa Hayes ends up participating in the Miss Macross beauty pageant.

Struggling with her inner insecurities, Lisa steps up to face the challenge.

The humorous background sets the stage for newly-promoted Lieutenant Rick Hunter to see his superior officer in a different light.

Chapter 5



“No use. She is dead,” said the paramedic. The recovery team slowly pulled the body of who had been a contestant in the beauty pageant out of the rubble of Macross’ auditorium. “What a waste,” She thought looking at the pretty face. She closed the victim’s terrified green eyes with her fingers. “When is this going to stop?”

The Zentraedi pounded the SDF-1 mercilessly before finally been forced to retreat. Not only the military took huge losses. The battle inflicted a lot of damage to the city. The rescue crews sorted carefully through the grisly sight of destruction and death. The paramedic stood surrounded by it all, silent. Elsewhere on the rubble, a man unearthed yet another body. It was the 50th. He bent mechanically to feel any signs of pulse or faint breathing. His eyes went wide. “Quick! There is one over here. I feel a pulse!” he yelled.


One by one the outlasting veritechs docked to the battle fortress. Lieutenant Rick Hunter’s Vermillion 1 was among them. Roy, Ben and Max already docked, welcomed his sight. The four pilots traded looks. Nothing was said; still, each of them knew they were lucky.


Captain Gloval forced Claudia to leave the bridge after a 20-hour shift. She reluctantly complied. The Captain knew she was in need of a break. Roy’s Skull One encountered heavy fire on countless occasions during the battle. Her heart had been on the verge of arrest each and every time. She knew he had docked safely. Despite her exhaustion, she rushed to see him. She needed his support at this moment.

She found him at the hangars, Ben, Max and Rick on his side. He smiled at her. She ran to him and clung to his neck. He wrapped his arms around her thin waist. “Oh Roy,” she said.

“It is okay, Claudia,” he said soothingly, seeing the concern in her loving brown eyes.

“Commander Fokker is a lucky man!” said Max softly.

“What would I give to have a girl wait for me like that,” said Ben. “What do you say, Lieutenant?” he asked Rick.

Rick kept silent. He was imagining Lisa Hayes running to greet him like that. It was just a dream. There was no chance that would ever happen. Maybe one day, Minmei would.

“I bet you are thinking of Commander Hayes in her bikini,” said Ben chuckling.

Everyone’s heads turned towards the source of such a comment.

“What?” asked Ben.

“How can you think of something like that now, Ben!” said Rick annoyed.

“Sorry Boss,” he said embarrassed.

Claudia recovered a bit. “Lisa has been missing for over 18 hours,” she announced somberly.

Roy and Rick gasped. Ben and Max were shaken.

“The Macross auditorium collapsed during battle. She was inside when it happened. I… I am afraid she didn’t make it,” she declared with teary eyes.

Rick’s vision blurred. Minmei was there and Commander Hayes, Lisa… “No!” he said and ran.


Rick had taken quite a few hits during the battle. His head was light, yet he moved as fast as his legs would allow him. He reached the place where the auditorium stood. It was in ruins. The devastation was complete. He closed his eyes. “No one could have survived that,” he thought.

A few seconds later, he spotted a rescue worker. “Wait,” he yelled running towards the man. “Is there any survivor?” he asked crazed.

The man informed Rick that many people made it outside on time due to a prompt evacuation effort. They were at the hospital being treated for shock and minor injuries. From within the rubble, only three survivors were extracted. Rick took off; there was hope.


“Rick,” let out Minmei between sobs when he encountered her at the hospital. She hugged him.

“Minmei! Are you okay?” he asked relieved.

“Yes, Rick… It was horrible!” she said and threw herself in his arms. “If it wasn’t for that woman… I wouldn’t be alive now,” she added.

“Who?” he inquired.

“I think her name was Lisa. She was a candidate in the contest,” replied Minmei clearing tears from her eyes. “You must have known her, she was in the military. She pushed us out before everything came down,” she added.

Rick’s heart jumped. “Was? It couldn’t be!” he thought. “What happened to her, Minmei? Tell me where she is?” he inquired shaking her.

“Rick, I don’t know,” she said. “Ouch, you are hurting me,” she cried as Rick had unconsciously tightened his grip on her arms. He felt as if lighting struck him. His vision went completely blank and he fell on the floor.

“Help, help!” yelled Minmei kneeling next to him in the middle of the hospital’s reception room.


Rick stayed at the hospital for a short while. After he collapsed, he was examined and treated for his injuries. Physically, nothing appeared to be wrong with him. However, he insisted in having a sharp pain in his chest. In that moment, the doctor was in his room asking him all sorts of questions. It all seemed incongruent mumbling for Rick. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. To Rick’s relief, the doctor finally left to order another batch of tests be conducted.

Rick starred blankly at the wall in front of him. He remembered her. She had the most beautiful and shy smile he had ever seen. And her eyes… He could get lost in them. They always sparkled, even when she was yelling her lungs out at him over the Tac Net. That lady could yell, all right! He would have given anything to hear her yelling at him just once more.

When she walked down the stage of the Miss Macross beauty pageant, time stopped for him. He could still remember every detail. The first time she appeared, she was wearing that sexy dress… she caused quite a stir. He froze when she looked in his direction, then he melted when she smiled. The second time she walked that stage, she simply rendered everyone speechless. She was flawless, walking elegantly in her bikini. How is it that he didn’t recognize her beauty before?

Minmei had him blind. Well, Lisa always tried hard to keep people away and toning down her beauty seemed to be one of her strategies. Everyone knew that she was beautiful, not that it mattered now.

He knew her looks were not the most special thing about her. Although he could not say he knew her that well. He had witnessed and heard of things that hinted Lisa Hayes was an extraordinary woman. He first saw it when she risked her life to liberate the battle fortress from the Zentraedi trap on Mars. She was crying when he pulled her out. She must have lost someone dear there. She had a sensitive heart, a brave spirit and determination. Lisa was devoted to her job, not because she sought recognition for it; what she truly cared for were the lives of the pilots and the civilians aboard the SDF-1. She had cared for others to her last minute, pushing people to safety before thinking of her own. Now Rick could see how truly beautiful she was; he could see beyond her body and face.

She was gone now and he found himself regretting sourly not having taken the time to know her better. He imagined her being crushed under the auditorium. His fists were clenched. The Zentraedi would pay for it.

In the middle of his darkest thoughts, Commander Roy Fokker came into the room.

“Hey little bro. How are you doing today?” he said.

“Hi Roy,” he replied coldly.

“Your enthusiasm is overwhelming, Rick. Aren’t you happy to see me?” Roy teased him.

“Don’t push it, Roy. Not now!” he said aggressively.

“Okay, Rick. I guess I better leave,” Roy said stung by Rick’s mood.

“No, wait. Sorry Roy,” he apologized. “It is good to see you, bro. I am just not feeling so well,” he added monotonously.

“Well, I have some news that may cheer you up a bit,” announced Roy. Rick looked at him unconvinced.

“Hmmm. I see,” said Roy. “You might be glad to know that Commander Hayes survived the collapse of Macross’ auditorium.

“What? … She… survived? Where is she, Roy? You have to tell me!” said Rick who suddenly was off the bed.

“Hey, hey, calm down. Aren’t you sick or something?”

“No, I am fine. The doctor just said there is nothing wrong with me. Just tell me, Roy. How is she? Where is she?”

“Calm down, Rick,” said the Commander. “Lisa is very weak. She barely made it. Her condition is critical but the doctors have stabilized her vital signs. She is in the intensive care unit at the hospital,” he added.

“I must see her, Roy,” Rick said with determination and walked towards the door of his room.

“Okay, okay, little bro. But you may consider getting yourself more covered,” Roy said, pointing at Rick’s open robe. “You don’t want to startle her, do you? Shock therapy would definitely be against the doctor’s orders,” he added. Rick blushed furiously.


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