Love Looms In Times Of War


Set after Robotech New Generation. With the SDF-3 trapped held captive by a mysterious new enemy, this story explores what would happen if Marlene Ariel took a more proactive role at finding Scott

Chapter 2


For 45 minutes she waited for a chance to use one of the public computer terminals. She would have liked a little more privacy, but the barracks didn't offer that privilege to any recruit. She was lucky though, and got to use the last booth in the back -which allowed as much isolation as that crowded area would ever give. The woman sat down and hurried to start her letter, she only had a few minutes.

Dear Rook,

I've officially survived my second week of bootcamp!

I'm learning a lot about myself and others like me. Did you know that both Human and Invid bodies have over 600 muscles? Our trainer makes sure that each of them gets exercised. He's doing a good job, judging by the way my whole body aches. Not that I'm complaining; I'm getting strong! Today in martial art class, I managed to hit my opponent really hard. I'll be kicking enemy butt up on Mars; you'll be proud of me! I hope someone else will too. :)

They've divided us into groups of ten. Invid and Human are apart. The instructors said that the programs have to be different because of our physiologies. But the difference isn't that big. The Regiss made us very close to your kind, after all. Not close enough though, I feel sometimes.

I can't help but think the separation has more to do with the general discontentment among Humans about Invid being allowed to enlist. I can only hope that one day your kind wont look at us with such distrust. I hope things get better when we fight this new enemy together.

Oh, I have to go, my time at the terminal is up. Sorry if this letter is short. I'll write some more soon.

Waiting to know how everyone is doing there,



Things had been quiet for the last couple of days. The stillness was making Commander Bernard uncomfortable. They must be planing something, he thought worriedly and was not far from the truth. But this period of enemy inactivity had allowed the Robotech Defense Forces to take a much needed break.

Scott entered the operations control room impatient to receive news about the reinforcements he had requested. The wounds the enemy had inflicted on the forces were deep; both personnel and mecha were earnestly needed. A steady but shrinking stream of new recruits was shuttled regularly from the moon, but the steep rate of casualties was devouring the fresh supply too quickly. It took time to train recruits, time the forces didn't have. Most units' rosters were growing thin. As well, mechanics were working double and triple shifts to get alphas and betas ready. But there were limits; a tired technician could be as harmful to a pilot's life as an invisible enemy.

"Sir," lieutenant Hopkins approached Scott. "Moon base has answered you request," she extended a hand held device to him. Her hands were shaking.

Must be bad news, he anticipated out of the lieutenant's reaction and took the device from her. He read the letter. All the time, she looked at him intently. He glanced back and noticed faint dark circles under her green eyes. The effects of tiredness were showing on everyone. She seemed startled when she realized his eyes were on her. Did she just blush? He shook the thought; he was tired, too.

"Thank you lieutenant," he sighed, "It seems the moon can't send us more reinforcements for now."

"I'm sorry, sir," she said avoiding his eyes.

"We'll have to do," he shrugged and returned the device. She took it, touching his hand slightly. For a second, their sights connected.

He blinked confused. Did she just smile at me? he wondered while the lieutenant walked away. Nah... You better get yourself some strong coffee, Bernard, he told himself, repressing one big yawn.


Hey there,

I'm so glad for Rook and Rand! That is amazing! I'm so excited. The only sad thing is that I won't be there for the baby's birth. But I'll get down there as soon as I can. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?

I'm sorry that I haven't written much lately. They are keeping us very busy. Phase two of the training program started a week ago. We were shuttled to the moon and assigned new barracks. All of us (Invid) had to go through thorough health checks. The moon houses the RDF's biggest medical facility. It made me nervous, but I guess the more the scientists know about us, the better they will be able to take care of us when we are wounded.

Things are going well up here otherwise, but I'm exhausted. I really miss you all, I feel lonely but I'm trying to make friends with other recruits.

It's interesting to learn how others like me came to the decision of staying on Earth. The pull of human emotions was so strong. Some told me they had been at Reflex Point on the day the Expeditionary Forces came back. A lot were experiencing confusion, so strong it rendered them helpless. The Regiss must have felt it. I wonder if her decision to leave had to do with it. Things were different for me. Although I felt these raging emotions, I wasn't on my own to deal with them, I was lucky to have you to learn from.

I've gotten to know more about Ciele, with whom I share my quarters, her friend Kooren and also Uld. We are all in the same unit. They are very new to human culture, but they are learning fast -at least Ciele and Kooren. We're going sightseeing on our next day off. They are very excited and so am I, all in all. There are so many things to see in this place! Uld refused to come with us, he is a bit serious and wasn't impressed with the idea. I understand him, though. It is hard to think of anything else than looming war.

I hope I'll be able to introduce them to you one day and that you'll show them the kindness that you showed me.

As time goes by, I'm getting more and more nervous about all this. I don't know, I just hope my being here won't make things worse.

Please keep the news coming. I can't stand not knowing about all of you. Please tell me how is my sister and how is Lancer; give my love to Annie and tell her not to worry.

Hugs for all of you,

Marlene Ariel


Security Clearance MB05-S908 Access Restricted
Level 4 Decryption Key Required


I am pleased to inform you that the physiological data collection on the Invid recruits has been successful. Our pilot-mecha integration program is advancing as planed. The computer simulated testing phases were completed yesterday. You will find results attached. Live subject testing will commence shortly.


Research and Development Chief Officer 0023
Moon Base


Hi gang,

I made it! I completed the training program and I'm a member of the Robotech Forces! The ceremony was today. I have my certificate with me but I still can't believe it really happened! I thought I couldn't make it. Thank you all for believing in me. Your letters and support helped a lot.

I got assigned to a new (all Invid) unit. We are 15. Kooren and Uld will be on the same group, I'm happy about that. Ciele will remain here on the moon. I'll miss her, we have gotten to know each other well, but I'm glad she'll be away from the dangers of the war. I know it is selfish, but I wish at least my friends were safe.

We'll be departing for Mars within a week. You probably have already heard that the situation over there is bad. The casualty reports keep coming in and the numbers, mounting up. Every time a new list becomes available, my heart sinks. I don't know what I'd do if his name ever shows up on one.

It will sound crazy, but I can't wait to get to the front. I'm not eager to join the war, but I can't wait to see him. I can't stand the idea of something happening to him, the idea of everything ending before we have at least one last chance to talk.

I don't know how Scott's going to take this, but I have to get to Mars and help end this. I know it's hard to understand why I decided to get myself into this situation. Lancer told me once that there are some decisions one must make with one's heart and not one's head. This is one of those.

Please, just try to wish this insane friend of yours luck.

May we see each other again,



He was tired to the bone. His unit had been out there ten times in less than 20 hours. After attacking fiercely and causing severe damage, the enemy had retreated. Every healthy pilot was ordered to get some rest. The enemy wouldn't take long to come back.

As warm water traveled down his body, relaxing the tension all over his muscles, Scott Bernard thought of the families of the men he had lost that day. Writing death-notification letters was something every CO loathed.

And there were so many to write, piling up every day. Their agonizing faces were in the officer's dreams in the beginning; by now, numbness was taking him over. He came out of the shower, dried himself and put on a clean set of clothes. When he finished rubbing his wet hair with a towel, he sat in front of the computer terminal in his quarters.

He went thought the files of the deceased, reviewed their history and their accomplishments. Against his will, they started to seem the same. Mathiews, Popescu, Ryan, Gomez and Zee -her real name had been Zephaniah- had all been good pilots, all young, all eager. All dead now.

Hopefully soon, new recruits would take over spots left by casualties; new recruits with no experience, most likely not to make it back from their first skirmish. He remembered the fate of the entire Mars 21th division. Its first battle against the Invid had been its last.

Is this whole new campaign hopeless? Commander Bernard started to wonder, but he quickly rejected the thought. There had to be a way to beat this enemy, the RDF had to keep fighting. And in the midst of it all, his mind searched for memories of better times. Images flowed, unconsciously and surprisingly; memories of earth came, memories of her.

He started one of many letters. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mathiews... " He stopped, his mind wanted to go some place else; it wanted to escape the falling veil of endless death. "It is with great sadness that..." he forced the words out but a pause came, again. He needed to write, but to someone else.

" Marlene," he started anew. No, that wasn't her name.

" Ariel," he decided, and all came running out, like liquid from a tipped and open bottle.

Ariel, this letter may surprise you, a long time has passed since we saw each other last. There are many things I want to say, things I'd hoped I would tell you face to face, but things aren't getting any better here. I must say those things now because I don't know when or if I'll be back on earth.

I'm sorry for many things, but most of all for the way I reacted. Discovering the truth was hard on all of us -perhaps I should just say it was hard on me- but I know it was as hard on you. I wish things had been different, that I had been more supportive; that for once, I had followed my heart and gone after you when you ran.

I can't tell you I wouldn't have left in the end. I couldn't ignore my duty then, and now even less so; I have to fulfill it. For that, I'm sorry too.

Please know that I think of you often. In all honesty I've tried not to. I hope you are all right. I like to imagine that you are safe down there, surrounded by friends who will be able to look after you.

Still, I feel confusion. I wish I could tell you exactly what my feelings are, but I don't know. One day, if I make it back somehow and if you want, you could help me sort things out.

Until then, take care of yourself. Please.


Letting the words out brought him relief. He was about to send the letter when a thought stopped him. He stared at the screen in front of him, pondering what to do, wondering how she would react. And how would he send it, anyway... His mind found the answer quickly; he could ask Lancer to deliver it to her. Yes. Lancer would understand... would he? He would have to explain... Ah, what the hell.

" Lancer..." he started.


The trip was long and uncomfortable. The shuttle descended and deposited its heavy weight on Mars Base's docking bay. Inside the transport, eager recruits waited for the hatch to open; among them were new Invid units. They were the forces' new hope against a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

Behind an invisible barrier, Ariel saw Mars' bright red surface, but further, up against infinite blackness, she saw myriad explosions. At last, she had reached war's doorstep, at last she had reached him.


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