Invid Lullaby


Post New Generation

While Rook and Rand finally take the next step in their relationship, Scott and Marlene must face the challenges of becoming parents.

Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes Hunter and Dr. Emil Lang must deal with a critical situation in which scientific interest and xenophobic feelings endanger the life of the half human, half invid baby.

Chapter 2


Scott drove a military vehicle past the gate of New Liberty. A grocery bag rested on the copilot's seat. He had gone out to fetch some breakfast for Marlene. She asked for Vienna sausages and a mint chocolate bar, reminiscing of a time when she had tasted them with Rand and Annie. Scott argued it would be impossible to get those items at the base, but she insisted that the baby and her "had" to have them. Imagining the contrasting flavors axed the Captain's appetite, but she had said the magic words. What wouldn't he do for them? Unable to resist her pleading look and warning her it may take him a little time, Scott went on a quest. It was 6:30 in the morning.

At 8 o'clock, he was sipping from his dark coffee cup and watching her across the little table in his quarters. She ate with appetite. Sausages and chocolate got her attention first; then, however, she concentrated on cookies and milk that he had thoughtfully brought along.

She was the cutest thing wearing a milk mustache. Sadly, he didn't have much time to enjoy the sight. Work waited. Admiral Hayes Hunter had scheduled a meeting for that morning. He left Marlene in his quarters thinking there was no immediate danger, no one knew about her being there.


Through Scott's window, Marlene saw never-ending blue, soft like a blanket. She thought she would never see Earth's sky again; that she would inevitably lose her memories of it. But she had made it back. Her baby would grow up on this planet, with his dad.

Humanity's home world was beautiful. She felt the need to be outside and feel the warm sunlight on her skin. Scott had asked her not to go out. He worried something could happen. But there really wasn't anything to fear.

His quarters were comfortable, but the confinement was smothering her. She needed just a little peek outside, a short walk to clear her mind. She was sure the baby would enjoy it. It wouldn't take her long and, of course, she'd be careful.


By noon, the square-shouldered man scrambled to hold to the shopping bags that had slowly slipped out of his grip. He repressed an unintelligibly curse as the sea of fancy plastic pink, blue, yellow and transparent bags laid spread around him on the floor.

Among diverse items, a feminine dress and a delicate pair of panties had peeked outside catching the eye of several passers-by. Quite a sight he was. He felt his cheeks burning hotter with each giggle he heard behind his back. He hurried to pick the stuff up, but then he saw the baby shoe. It had fallen out too. He knew there was time -well, he thought there was time- before the baby arrived, but couldn't stop himself from buying it after he saw it behind a window. He collected it from the floor and, for a second, felt how soft it was. He smiled; Marlene would like it.

"Awwww," he heard coming from a group of women that had been watching his misadventure. Red faced, he stood up, found his way into the elevator and headed home to Marlene.

He planned to drop off the new clothes which he got for her between meetings. The stuff he lent her from his wardrobe was way too big for her. Close to his quarters, he felt anxious to see her. Just before opening the door, he promised himself to never set his foot inside a lingerie shop again.

"Hi," he said, but there was no one inside his quarters to reply.


The midday sun warmed her skin. She sat on a bench facing a grassy plaza. She wished that it was a garden, but under the current circumstances, the small green courtyard and its sparse bushes wasn't that bad.

The place was deserted when she arrived. Since then only a few people strolled by. That was best. She felt a little silly in the clothes she was wearing. A white T-shirt that reached just above her knees; it may as well be a dress by the length of it. Navy blue sweatpants held in place by a belt and folded inwards at the bottom. Running shoes size 9, men's. She had been very careful after the first time she tripped in them. All in all, her little adventure made her happy. Nothing could dampen her spirits at that moment.

Minutes passed and she decided it was time to return. She didn't want to worry Scott. She reached the nearest door and walked through the base's wide corridors. Information screens were distributed along the way, particularly at points were the flow of people was heavier. It was news time. She could tell by the anchor's voice. She had heard him before.

She walked past a group gathered in front of a screen in order to reach a water fountain. She had just finished sipping from the refreshing liquid when she saw them. Lancer and Sera's pictures were on the screen. Her blood froze. Her sister's identity had been discovered and exposed in a vile and biased way. She felt pain traveling through her belly. They were talking about the "slug" that seduced Belmont.

Suddenly she was angry. Images from that report had upset her. The more she thought of it, the worse she felt. The battered captives, lost; the strenuous trip back, wasted; her hopes for a bright future, crushed. Her emotions were affecting the baby, she could sense it. Anguish dug deep inside her. Why couldn't Earth be a safe place for her and her son? She just wanted to have a life with Scott - a peaceful life.


Scott was about to lose it when she arrived home.

"Marlene!" he burst out upon seeing her. He ran and held her arms tightly. "I was so worried about you! Don't do this to me!"

"I'm sorry, Scott," she said teary.

He noticed her emotional state and felt completely guilty. Pregnant women go through a lot of changes. He shouldn't have lashed out at her like that.

"I didn't mean to sound so harsh," he said very softly. "I just don't know what I'd do if something happened to you." She snuggled against him.

"It's not you," she said.

"What is it?"

"The news. Sera's been exposed as an Invid."

"What?" he turned on the TV and saw it. He hugged Marlene against him while the report on the alien seductress continued to unravel on the screen. He thought that it wouldn't take long for someone to remember that Invid Sera had a sister. And it didn't.


The inevitable occurred soon enough. Scott was detained and questioned; his quarters, searched and Marlene, arrested.

Now he waited, escorted by the military police, and wondered if he could have done anything different to protect her. How could this be happening? It was a big mistake.

Finally, it was time for him to go in for his audience. Once more, Scott was in that office. The place looked virtually the same as the last time, the only difference being a new door. He remembered the deceased General who had occupied it, Weston. Now it was Admiral Lisa Hayes Hunter's. Again, just as before, he was nervous.

The Admiral dismissed the guards. He was grateful for her courtesy about having some privacy for the matter they'd discuss. Without preamble, he told the story, the important parts of it. He went over Marlene's contribution to the Regiss departure from the planet at the end of the Invid war. Her help again, during the crisis at New Liberty. This was the chance he had been granted to defend the Invid captive and he tried his best to make a serious and logical case for the prisoner; but his feelings betrayed him. It was obvious Marlene held an important place in his affections. For good or bad, his narration held the Admiral's full attention. Lisa looked into the captain's eyes. Was she searching him for a sign of deception?

"You understand that I have to abide by the established policy, Scott?" she broke plainly. The unaltered tone of her voice and glossy green in her eyes sealed any clue about her position from Scott. "These are certainly attenuating factors, but there's only so much I can do," she added seeing the hopelessness on the Captain's face.

"What will happen to her?" he asked lowly. The suspense was killing him.

"Standard procedure. The military police will conduct testing and then interrogation. Within limits, of course." He was crushed by the response.

"She can't be subjected to those procedures, Admiral. There must be something you can do!" he said, his voice edging on insubordination.

"Captain Bernard!" her tone was a warning. "I'll do what I can." Her expression was grave but inside, she felt sorry for the young man.

"You don't understand, Marlene can't go through all that."

"Are those your feelings speaking, Captain? Marlene is a trained Invid soldier. She will be fine."

"No, she wont!" he said snapping. "Not while she's pregnant!" he added, shocking Admiral Hayes Hunter.


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