Invid Lullaby


Post New Generation

While Rook and Rand finally take the next step in their relationship, Scott and Marlene must face the challenges of becoming parents.

Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes Hunter and Dr. Emil Lang must deal with a critical situation in which scientific interest and xenophobic feelings endanger the life of the half human, half invid baby.

Chapter 14


The lab's secret door closed behind them. Baraka's choked complaints ceased. Struggling further with his guards proved futile; they were too many. He chose to save his energy and focused on finding a way to escape.

The minute that the scientist was taken into custody, his second in command realized his mistake. Resentment at his boss' treatment of him had taken the assassin over. Where was his good judgment when he allowed the Garudan to call the ambassador? Safety in his line of work disappears quickly after a master falls. It wouldn't take long before the ambassador flushed out Baraka's inner circle. Despite being well hidden, the bodies were bound to surface. If the assassin was to escape, he needed his master's contacts inside and outside Moon Base.

Quiet and unbelieving, Baraka's mind searched. As his eyes discreetly searched the dark tunnel just ahead, he felt the odds had swung against him. Just then from behind, another sign of his misfortune came. He was pushed. He stumbled and fell, scratching his face against the cold ground.

The assassin hurried to lift the fallen Karbarran and, while he shoved him back between his captors, he gave Baraka a subtle signal; he wasn't there to harm him.


I want it completely gone,” ordered Lraon inside the lab. “No trace left of it.”

Yes, sir, “ acknowledged Moira Blune, maneuvering her weapon's aim. A ray shot from its metallic head, hitting dead-center the dark egg behind the window.

At last, this abomination will disappear, Lraon thought, relishing the moment.

Beneath a charred surface, the protector contorted. The life force that had created it was in deadly peril. Solely programmed to defend the baby, the being was running out of options. Anger and fear rose instinctively and, amidst its elementary mind, the being found a dangerous way.


Two Invid energy forms traversed Moon Base's entrails. While sensing the protector's turmoil, anxiety took hold of them. They advanced hurriedly and learned that to shield the baby, the protector had absorbed huge amounts of unstable energy. It was exhausted from the effort to contain it and couldn't take it for much longer. The last message it had sent them was strange; it was a warning to stay away.

But they wouldn't listen. Cornered, the protector filled their minds with fiery images. The mother understood what it was about to do. Stop! Don't do this. There must be another way! she begged, while both Invid neared the facility's core.


“It will take a few more seconds before the molecules start to dislodge, sir,” informed Moira.

The ambassador nodded. “My work here is done,” he sounded satisfied and took a moment to notice the time. If I hurry, I can still catch the end of the meeting at the Council Chambers, he mussed with greed.

But suddenly, the room grew quiet. Lraon raised his head and noticed awe imprinted on the faces around him. His sight followed theirs and encountered the creature behind the window. It wasn't dead. The charcoal black crust had cracked, revealing a molten mass that grew, seemingly fed by the same energy trying to finish it.

“What is this?!” he asked the Garudan.

“I... I don't know, sir... it should be breaking apart...”

She worked the controls speedily and increased the force, yet that only managed to exacerbate the creature's growth. Fearful technicians abandoned their posts and crammed themselves next to the exit.


Running against time, Marlene and Sera found an entrance to the lab. They crossed it, revealing their presence and adding shock to the rampant confusion of everyone inside.

The Invid took in the scene. Horrified, they noticed the ray anchored on the charred and cracked egg. The control panel wasn't difficult to distinguish; Marlene went for it at once. Her anger grew, mirroring the desperation swelling within the protector.

Lraon's startled escort reacted barely on time. Shots flew at the furious Invid. The mother and her sister boldly dodged the fire, until a blast found its target on the princess' back. The powerful yet mortal beings had to retreat.

Unable to approach, the sisters witnessed the last drop of the protector's energy wasting away. The lab's protective window exploded.

“No!,” cried Marlene and took care of shielding her wounded sister.

Glass shards shot outward, knocking everyone down. Painful wails erupted as transparent projectiles embedded themselves into the flesh of any being that their violent paths encountered.

Blood oozed from Lraon's face and upper torso when he crawled up. Before a blow of obliterating plasma hit him, the Karbarran had time to see Moira laying dead over the control panel, her inert weight pressing the weapon's trigger.


The base trembled. Baraka lost footing as did his captors. Recognizing the opportunity, the assassin fired his weapon, killing two guards. Baraka disarmed and dispatched another one while, like an agile overgrown cat, the assassin dodged counter-shots aimed at him. His training was effective. It wasn't long before he and his master were free to escape, board a shuttle and flee Moon Base. But Baraka had other plans. He navigated the tunnels with skill. He found a round cover on the floor, opened it and rushed the assassin to follow him. There, they waited.


Scott, Lancer and security personnel were rocked along the tunnel they stood in. The tremor indubitably announced something had gone wrong.

No! Scott bolted toward the blast's origin.

This way!” Lancer told the team. Then he chased after his friend, begging all the while for Sera to be all right.

Unconscious on the floor, outside what had been the lab, Scott and Lancer found Marlene and Sera. The Invid had reverted into their humanoid forms. Both men approached, fearing the worst. Scott madly searched for vital signs while Lancer discovered the wound on his wife's back. To their relief, even if faintly, the sisters were still breathing.

“Get me a medical team, immediately,” the captain yelled while cradling Marlene in his arms. Immobile, he took in the scene of destruction. “My son...” he whispered, crushed. He didn't want to imagine the terrible things that had gone on. But as hard as it might be, he had to see for himself what had been of his baby boy. Silently, Lancer understood his friend's need, and agreed to look over Marlene while Scott went.

The distraught father explored the facility's remains. The patterns brunt onto the floors resembled a huge rupestral painting. Daunting silhouettes of a assorted beings covered the surface.

Toward the center of the room, the rest of a circular wall was visible. The pattern died away as well; the energy had been higher there. A shallow depression followed behind some large pieces of twisted metal. The captain saw dancing lights.

He approached, thinking fire still lingered, but what he saw rendered him awestruck. Still covered in chunks of a radiant substance there was a baby, his baby.

Overcome by emotion he knelt next to him. Very gently, the father cleared his tiny face. He seemed so perfectly human except for unnaturally purple eyes. He felt little and fragile in his hands... and still warm.

Questions remained, but Scott Bernard didn't stop to think why or how, there would be time for that later. Like an automaton, he rushed to take the baby and his mother to a medic.


After all noise made by security crews stopped, Baraka and his assassin emerged from their hiding place. They returned to what had been the lab's location to find a lonely scene of death.

I was right, the scientist mused witnessing proof of the power yielded by the creature. But his victory was bittersweet. Lraon had ruined his chance at giving his race an edge over humans. “Death, that's the least you deserved, illustrious ambassador,” he said with fake reverence while noting one particular horned mark on the floor.

Sir, we don't have much time,” urged the assassin.

Just a second,” replied Baraka. He explored the ruins further, approaching their center. And just as with Scott, shimmering light guided the Karbarran toward a radiant substance.

Not all may be lost...” he said grinning.


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